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Product  Introduction:

The vertical CNC working center has a small footprint and can process the glass in the vertical direction in a flexible and dynamic manner to ensure maximum productivity and safety. It can adapt to multi-process processing to ensure high processing quality of the finished product.
Green Vine offers a complete technical solution for all the processing functions required for glass processing. The operating software is easy to learn and can be started immediately even if the operator is not experienced enough.
SKY is a series of vertical machining centers based on the revolutionary concept of workpiece movement, which is ideal for mass production and mass production.

Application Field:

VERTICAL SKY SERIES is the perfect solution for the “just in time” creation of doors, shower cubicles, display cases, cupboard doors, furnishing items, household appliances, windows for industrial vehicles, and structural facades.

Major Function:

Main processing:Drilling、Milling、Grinding、Cuntersink、Polishing (Real-time Polishing)

Product  Feature:

 Electric spindle with high power and long life

use waterproof technology such as patented gas seal and stator injection. Equipped with constant temperature cooler to adapt to different processing conditions.

Higher processing efficiency

The machine contains two cutting heads. The front end is a composite cutting head with the functions of drilling, milling, grinding, real-time polishing. The back end is a basic cutting head with the main functions of drilling and milling.

Holes can be drilled by two cutting heads at the same time. Electric spindle power is 15Kw or 7.5Kw. Maximum rotating speed is 12000r/min and equipped with tool center inner cooling and tool outer cooling. High power, high torque, good tool cooling and fast processing

Ultra-high overall structural stability

 Use casting structural parts for input and output bases and processing area base. Ensure that the machine is not easy to deform and can maintain high precision and stability during use.
Ultra-high glass processing quality

 both the composite cutting head and the basic cutting head are equipped with compression sleeves. When drilling and milling, the front and rear compression sleeves press the glass tightly. Increases the rigidity of the glass in processing area so that the quality of drilling and milling are improved. Motorised input and output has automatic lifting function. It can achieve linkage with each feed axles during grinding and cutting process. Composite cutting head has smart water jacket. The water jacket can rotate around the spindle during cutting to ensure that the outer cold water is accurately sprayed into the processing area. Thereby achieving ultra-high grinding and polishing quality. The composite cutting head also has a glass guiding and clamping device that clamps and guides the glass during processing. This can configure tool precisely and minimize vibration during grinding and polishing and reduce machining defects such as chipping and debris.

High glass transfer speed

 Use 3 suction cups group, each group includes 6 suction cups. Each suction cup group is independently intelligent controlled to ensures that the glass is firmly fixed when processing different specifications. It greatly improves the glass conveying speed. The motorised input and output use paired groups of bevel gears to transmit power to the support wheel. To get auxiliary feed when processing large format glass.

Large capacity tool magazine

New reversible tool magazine structure. The tools held on the tool magazine can be as much as 30 pieces.

No processing interference area

Each suction cup is controlled independently to avoid processing interference areas.
Processing LOW-E glass

 Glass transfer and fix by suction cups and Composite cutting head with guide clamping set make LOW-E film not damaged during processing.

 Any size glass can be automatically held

Equipped with Suction cup auxiliary suction  device. When glass weight is less than 15Kg, the auxiliary device cooperates with the suction cup to suck the glass.

Large format glass processing advantages

When processing large-format glass, the glass is pressed and fixed by the relying wheel pressing device to prevent the glass from vibrating during processing. And the relying wheel structure is a roller structure.

Self-developed CAM software

Use optimization algorithm. It has the advantage of easy to operate, high reliability, high stability, etc. The original line type automatic identification system makes the production process easier and more efficient. The processing program simulation system can simulate the processing before being processed, which makes the technicians more intuitive to discover the defects of the process.

Product  Paremeters: