CNC Horizontal 5 Axis Working Center

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Product Introduction:

The Green CNC five-axis CNC working center adopts the AC axis double swing angle which is completely developed independently. It has three linear motion axes of X, Y and Z and two rotary motion axes of A and C, and can realize any four-axis linkage. It can not only drill, mill, grind, polish and other basic processing of glass, marble and other materials, but also has special processing functions such as processing special-shaped bevelling and engraving.

Application Field:

Typical Workpiece:

Product Feature:

1. The addition of the infinite rotary C Axis on 3-axis configurations of the machine enables perfect execution of machining operations, with fluidity and precision.
2. The solid high-tech 5-axis working head with INFINITE C axis and the -90 ° to +90 ° tilting A axis enable all machining operations to be completed perfectly.

The self-developed double swing angle electric spindle has high power and long life  It adopts waterproof technology such as patented air seal and stator injection, and is equipped with a constant temperature cooler to adapt to different processing conditions.
Higher overall structural stability The beam and bed adopt a new structure of welded structural parts, and the X and Z-direction slides adopt cast structural parts, so that the whole structure has high strength and high stability.
Higher processing efficiency The cutting head has the functions of drilling, milling, grinding and real-time polishing. The electric spindle power is 15Kw or 7.5Kw, the maximum speed is 12000r/min, and it is equipped with tool center internal cooling and tool external cooling; high power and torque. Large, the tool has a good cooling effect and a fast processing speed.
Higher glass processing quality The machine tool has good rigidity and high stability, and the processing precision of glass can reach ±0.1 mm. The CNC system has real-time tool compensation function, which can realize real-time polishing and excellent polishing effect.
Fast moving speed X, Y and Z axes move fast, X: 60m/min, Y: 50m/min, Z: 15m/min.
Short tool change time Equipped with a rotary rotary magazine, the magazine has a capacity of 12 and can be expanded to a maximum of 24.

Product Paremeters: